Never stress over HIPAA again!

Focused on HIPAA education, Abyde is a revolutionary software solution that guides medical practices through mandatory HIPAA compliance requirements such as the Risk Analysis, HIPAA training for doctors and staff, managing Business Associate Agreements, customized policies and more.

To develop the features of Abyde, we used technology in compliance with the present industry standards. We have strived to make HIPAA a stress-free product for all healthcare organizations.

Our main focus was on the following:

  • Recurring subscription using Stripe and Plaid
  • Creation of complex quiz around security risk analysis, using frontend technology like Vue JS
  • Security risk analysis scorecard generation in PDF format using mPDF
  • Customized policies and procedures using Doc to PDF Library and Libreoffice for organization based on SRA quiz and ongoing question-answers

Security Risk Analysis

We sympathize with the challenges of running a healthcare organization in recent times. Hence, our security risk analysis quiz is easy to answer and quite painless for the enterprise.


Educational Resources and Ongoing Compliance

Abyde offers a unique educational approach to HIPAA compliance. Through informative videos and ongoing compliance training, we include relatable and actionable content. Apart from that, we also provide examples of HIPAA tips and tricks to keep your practice upgraded.


Audit Protection Program

Our audit protection plan is tailored to ensure you meet all HIPAA stands from the beginning. We also provide an immediate, live-support member who prepares you for the final audit by arranging mock sessions and documentation reviews.

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